Our program is exhaustive and covers the following aspects with respect to an entrepreneur’s journey from the initial development of a business idea to pitching to investors to raise funds for further growth.

1. Strategy – A well-defined strategy is a pathway on which company runs along with its mission and values to achieve desired state of business in future. The strategy being a long termlong-term plan has to be modified according to the changing business environments in order to cope with the unexpected challenges.

2. Finance
  Business Plan – Business Plan is a well-structured document whichdocument, which exhibits mechanism of progress
    of your business for next three to five years. This mandates extensive research on every aspect of B-plan which
    should be backed by authorized source/data

  Budget – A budget projected by experienced professional shows realistic assumptions of expenditures
    and revenue generation. It is through this that investors make their investments in your business.

  Cash Flow – In order to keep business running, cash flow is of utmost importance to meet the operational expenses
     and capital expenditure needs. The entrepreneurs should have a knack of cash flow situations of his/her
     business. Ideally, business cash flow should match with cash outflow, failing which an entrepreneur should justify
     the deviation from the projected budget.

3. Marketing

  Marketing Strategy – A good marketing strategy is vital to achieve sales, maximize visibility and maintain
    recognition in market through well-planned marketing campaign and digital marketing.

  Product pricing – Product pricing exhibits the positioning and value of the product in the market. This requires
    deep research and understanding of the concerned industry, competition and the product.

4. Go-to market – A strong Go to Market strategy is required to determine how a product is sold, in which market and at what price. A strong marketing team with set targets and a defined approach is essential to achieve the required market penetration. Technology – Technology is adopted to plan and execute expansion and cost effectiveness of carrying out business. Thorough understanding is needed to optimally use the technology

5. Regulatory Matters – Compliance with all laws and regulations is mandatory. Promoters/Entrepreneurs need to be aware of all major regulations and their compliance. There needs to be a framework that ensures 100% compliance. Working with experienced professionals strengthens the organization ability to be fully compliant at all times.

6. Valuation – The valuation of the company is an indicator of how investors see the potential of the business and value of your company in the future. An entrepreneur should know the right time for raising the right amount of funds for his business from the right investor.

7. Making the pitch – This is the most important part of the entire journey. The entrepreneur has to convince the investors about the value that he brings for them, all in a matter of a few minutes. The presentation, therefore, should be crisp, clear and confident and visually appealing.

8. Preparing for a Due-diligence – An entrepreneur should know the importance of Due Diligence done on behalf of investors. This is an exhaustive exercise and one has to be fully prepared, with proper documentation and explanations to retain the confidence of the investor.

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