About - Keiretsu Start-up Innovation Lab (KSIL) is a world-class mentoring program for entrepreneurs, under the aegis of Keiretsu Investor Forum, the world’s largest investor forum for entrepreneurs.

The program provides mentoring by experts on the significant aspects of an entrepreneur’s business, such as Strategy, Finance including Budgets and Cash Flow management, Marketing including Go to Market strategy, Regulatory matters, Valuation – determining and asking for the right value of your business.

The final and the the most important stage isis making the pitch to potential investors. Many entrepreneurs need guidance and inputs to make a pitch that is effective in convincing the investors to invest in the business. One may have an excellent product, but the investors need a strong business proposition and confidence in the promoter if they are going to invest. We work with the entrepreneur on ensuring that this proposition is conveyed in a compelling manner with confidence and clarity.

Objective - Our objective is to work with you on the each of the above aspects of your business to finally enable you to structure and present your business in a manner that significantly increases the probability of your securing an investment from the investors.

Team - The KSIL team comprises senior finance professionals, who are also Angel Investors, each with a minimum of 30 years’ experience. We therefore have a first-hand understanding of the world of start-ups and the intricacies that you as an entrepreneur have to deal with and can add significant value across all aspects of your business. We will work closely with you on every aspect of your business to determine and document the actions to be taken, with timelines. We will provide valuable inputs and deep insights that will give a strong structure to your business proposition.

Mentoring Program - Given our commitment to provide maximum value, each entrepreneur will additionally get to work closely with a mentor who will be an industry expert. He will work closely with you, the entrepreneur, sharing his industry and functional experience to optimize the value of the business and drawing up a workable Business Plan that is presentable to investors. These mentors may also be investors. The details of our Mentors are provided in the Mentor’s section under tab Program.

The mentor may, as mutually agreed, receive a minor stake in the company as sweat equity. This ensures a long-term commitment on the part of the mentor and benefits the business.

Participate in live sessions

In addition to the guidance from mentors and the mentoring sessions the entrepreneur also gets to understand the practical aspects related to raising funds from investors by:

  Participating in the analysis of live cases of other non-competing entrepreneurial ventures. This provides a great learning
    opportunity to understand the different perspectives of running a new business.

  Attend and view three live mock presentations made by other entrepreneurs and learn from the questions
    asked and feedback given to them.

  Attend and view three live presentations made by entrepreneurs to investors in an Investor Forum. Observe and
    learn from differences in content, style of presentation, responses to queries, etc.

We strongly believe that these differentiators will add significantly to the entrepreneur’s confidence and probability of creating investor’s interest in his venture.

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